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Bug#423365: question about #418098

reassign 423365 rdesktop
forcemerge 418098 423365

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Olaf Zaplinski wrote:
> Package: general
> On http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=418098 Laszlo says that 
> the fixed rdesktop will not be released before Etch r1. Is that true? If 
> yes, this would be definitely a "general bug". It would mean that I had to 
> replace Debian by e.g. Redhat because I have to administer several Windows 
> servers. A non-functional rdesktop is a no-go IMHO.
> Can you confirm that?

Stable (in general) does not get updates for non-security problems
until point releases are made.

That said, Laszlo has already offered to make the fixed packages
available to you, so there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to
install them using dpkg -i yourself.

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