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Re: Mandatory -dbg packages for libraries? (and API docs too)

[Neil Williams]
> I chose Debian as a development platform for my own reasons and my
> decision was "not deemed to be wise" in the eyes of some of my
> upstream colleagues. As the newbie to that particular team, I was
> under significant pressure to "upgrade to Fedora or SuSE".

Are you saying Fedora and SuSE have API documentation for all the
libraries they ship?  I must say, that surprises me.

My own experience with upstream's opinion of Debian is that they think
we should have fixed #291641 a long, long time ago.  And I can't
disagree.  (The problem is that since libtool apparently exposes a
shortcoming in binutils, nobody seems willing to add a workaround to
libtool, waiting instead for a fix from binutils.)

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