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Re: Xorg 7.2

* Steve Langasek:

> "unstable" doesn't mean "it's ok to upload packages with known bugs
> that render the system unusable to many users and drives them away
> from using unstable because they're using non-free software and that
> shouldn't matter to us".  The consequences of breaking Java for most
> users (whether they're using it in the form packaged in non-free or
> not) would be an increased volume of (duplicate) bug reports for the
> XSF and, if the problem remains unresolved, a decrease in the number
> of users testing the unstable packages for us in precisely the
> configurations that are relevant to the XCB switch.

On the other hand, delaying the upload means less testing time with
other proprietary applications.

For a start, it would probably make sense to file Priority: important
bugs on sun-java5 and sun-java6 describing the breakage.  Then wait a
bit, and if upstream is too busy with other things like OpenJDK to
address the issue, upload the XCB switch to unstable anyway.

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