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Re: Linux/Debian documentation suggestion

On 17-Apr-07, 18:22 (CDT), The Fungi <fungi@yuggoth.org> wrote: 
> On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 05:10:20PM -0500, Steve Greenland wrote:
> > On 17-Apr-07, 13:25 (CDT), Glenn Moeller-Holst <glenn@ruc.dk> wrote: 
> > > *If I want or need command xxzz, which packages can give me that?
> > 
> > You'll need to explore the packages website.
> Or try out 'apt-file search xxzz' if you're so inclined (after
> installing the apt-file package and updating it, of course).

Oh, that's nifty.

apt-file (0.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Initial Release.

 -- Sebastien J. Gross <seb@sjgross.org>  Sat, 13 Oct 2001 21:36:47 +0200

I've been living without this for 5+ years!?! How come no one told me
about this?


Steve Greenland
    The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating
    system and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the
    world.       -- seen on the net

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