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Re: The number of etch installations is rocketing...

Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
>> Presently the number of installations reported to popcon is about the
>> same as the number of subscriptions to debian-security-announce, but I
>> am sure there are many users of debian who don't read d-s-a and many
>> users, who have several -maybe hundreds- of installations and subscribe
>> only once! :-)
> I don't believe it's a useful metric: The two most popular security
> mailing lists (Bugtraq and full-disclosure) are subscribed to d-s-a
> and there are plenty of other multiplicators (CERTs, internal mailing
> lists, web sites). Plus, many people install security updates blindly.

My point was not to say that the number of subscribers to d-s-a is a
good metric for installed systems. I agree that the number of people
reading d-s-a is higher than that and the number of people using debian
is much higher still.

My point was, that popcon is not a good metric for the number of
installed systems, since it reports about the same number of systems
that we agree on being way too low.



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