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Re: racoon and bug 372665

On Mon, Mar 26, 2007 at 05:05:53PM +0000, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> Milan P. Stanic <mps@oss.co.yu> wrote:
> > README says that in the /etc/rcS.d/ should go scripts which are
> > executed once during boot. In debian policy manual rcS.d is
> > mentioned only once in section 9.3.4, but from short description it is
> > not clear could the daemons be started from scripts in that directory.
> I like to add that starting a daemon in /etc/rcS.d/ causes troubles when
> switching later to runlevel 1 (e.g. for maintenance) and coming back to
> the real runlevel (e.g. 2). The script /etc/init.d/killprocs started as
> /etc/rc1.d/S30killprocs kills these daemons started in runlevel S. They
> are never started again and you may get a broken system, when you came
> back to your default runlevel. I had/have this problem with devfsd very
> often.

The decision to start daemons from /etc/rcS.d/ is made by presumptions
that the sysvinit is the *only* init subsystem in Debian. Ganesan didn't
take to account that this will break running racoon under runit which is
packaged in Debian as alternative init subsystem. I understand why he
wants to start racoon so early in boot process but (IMO) that shouldn't
lead to breakage of the another init subsystem.

The reason could be because policy is vague in that case.

Would it work under upstart I don't know because I don't have enough
time to test it excessively but it looks like it works without problem.
[ I'm just playing with upstart ]

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