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Re: video codecs in HTML 5

* Maik Merten:

> <img> gives clear semantics: It's an image.

Animated GIF, anyone?

> <video> gives clear semantics: Video.

Does it begin to run automatically?  Can be paused?  Saved?  What
happens if there are two videos on the same page?  Are they
synchronized?  Which one gets to play the audio?  Is there any UI
around the video which takes away space?

Just because something is labled as "video", it's semantics aren't
suddenly clear.

As for the motivation for the tag, I can only speculate.  A lot of
webpages nowadays use flash video with custom-written player controls,
which does create problems for indexing and archival.  But videos with
a "Save As..." context menu aren't in the interests of the content
distributors, I guess.

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