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Re: video codecs in HTML 5

Sam Morris schrieb:
> I thought that HTML was going in the other direction--deprecating <img>
> in favour of the already-existing and perfectly logical <object>.
> I really can't see what the point of this <video> tag is in the first
> place.

Over at WHATWG it seems most people thinkg <object> is badly broken in
basically all implementations and that it's giving poor semantics anyway.

If you find an <object> in your DOM you know basically nothing about the
nature of it. It could be an image, video, audio or even text. As such
it doesn't help to structure the document into semantic units (<p></p>
vs. <br> and <font>/<b>/<i> etc. vs. CSS styling).

<img> gives clear semantics: It's an image.
<video> gives clear semantics: Video.
<audio> well, you can extrapolate ;)

So the current trend seems to move away from using <object> as a media
kitchen sink as it degrades HTML to simply being a thing to glue other
things on without giving an easy overview of what has been put onto the

Maik Merten

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