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Re: video codecs in HTML 5

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 14:26 +0100, Maik Merten wrote:
> Martijn van Oosterhout schrieb:
> > Sorry, this doesn't follow. Calling the tag <video> is completely
> > orthoginal to whether it's implemented by a plugin or not. To support
> > it all Firefox et al would need to do is convert it to the equivalent
> > <embed> tag or whatever internally...
> The <video> tag is supposed to offer "first class" support for video
> content just like <img> usually supports JPEG and GIF in a way so
> content providers can rely on it.
> To the end user it shouldn't matter if <video> is transformed to <embed>
> on-the-fly.

I thought that HTML was going in the other direction--deprecating <img>
in favour of the already-existing and perfectly logical <object>.

I really can't see what the point of this <video> tag is in the first

Sam Morris

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