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Re: video codecs in HTML 5

Romain Beauxis schrieb:
> I don't agree, you'll always have the threat of an abusing patent that claims 
> that some algorithm you designed were "owned" by it.. Have you ever looked at 
> the JPEG processing for example ? It is simply a fourier transform followed 
> by an huffman compression... All well known, but still "owned" by an abusing 
> patent..

There's a vital difference between knowing that you may get stabbed
(submarine patents) and deliberately asking someone to stab you
(choosing a format that is covered by patents that are actively enforced).

I think the majority of people here may want formats they can freely use.

If you want free formats: Choose a format that is free to use to the
best of your knowledge. If something bad happens to happen with that
format patent wise: Bad luck. But at least you're not knowingly
violating any patents, which calls for extra heavy punishment (Triple
Damage). That can get very expensive.

> Patents have to be beaten at their roots, or you won't run away from them..

Until the patent system gets a redesign all you can do is *trying* to
stay out of trouble.

Happily paying license fees or willingly infringing on MPEG patents by
just ignoring the issue won't get you anywhere.

Maik Merten

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