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Re: video codecs in HTML 5

Le vendredi 23 mars 2007 14:46, Maik Merten a écrit :
> Romain Beauxis schrieb:
> > Well, check for mpeg4 decoders in main archive..
> > I think you are missunderstanding his point, because a patent is not
> > directly related to the freeness of the code.
> > If we were to remove all software that is subject ot patent threats, we
> > would remove most of our archive I fear...
> To legally use MPEG4 you have to pay fees. Not only is MPEG4 encumbered
> by patents, they're enforced, too. Same for MP3. To my knowledge no MPEG
> patents are installed by default on Debian - for good reasons.

This always the same story..
Patents are registered 'a priori', and owning a patent does not implies that 
it is justified in any ways. Patents must be treated as a threat, not a legal 
binding that will enforced by the law. 

There is plenty of archive on this subject in and out of the debian project, 
so I don't think this debate worth to be continued here..


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