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Re: May one use ~rc1 within versions although older lintians are complaining?

Am Mittwoch, 21. März 2007 schrieb Manoj Srivastava:
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 15:56:44 -0300, Margarita Manterola 
<margamanterola@gmail.com> said:
> > On 3/13/07, Roman Müllenschläder <info@prodeia.de> wrote:
> >> I'm packaging for debian right now and wanted to now if I may use a
> >> version number like: 1.0.8~rc1-1 ?
> >
> > If you use that number, the upstream version should be 1.0.8~rc1.
> > Is that the upstream number?  If you want to have release candidates
> > of your _own_ package, you should do: 1.0.8-1~rc1
>         Hmm? Suppose upstream version is currently 1.07 released, and
>  they are  planning on releasing 1.08 in the future. Now they are
>  running through 1.08 release candidates, and so we have 1.08 rc1,
>  soon to be followed by 1.08 rc2.  The upstream version variables,
>  used by them, are all at 1.08 (not 1.08 '~'.
>         How do you propose the debian releases of the release
>  candidates be numbered?  When upstream releases, upstream releases
>  shall have 1.08, 1.08.1 or 1.08-1, and so on.

The upstream currently released is Coming is followed by 
1.0.9, if there isn't a ;) The devel-branch therefore is 1.0.9.
So I'm only doing packages of _released_ upstreams, not of a devel-branch. As 
long as the upstream is not fullfilling the needs to be sponsored and 
uploaded, I do test-debs and provide them on my own repository, to let users 
use them for testing purposes.
Therefore the upstream stays the same ( - as long as is not 
released) but the debs change to get them "perfect". Thus having as versions for my 'unofficial' packages.
Debian release will be not until and therefore with version 
Until that I maybe do unofficial again for testing and to let 
debian release be

So ~rcX only counts for the debian package state, not upstream.

Was that your question?

With doing these unofficial-own-repository-releases, I hope to get the 
packages be tested more than I am able to do alone. Cause of <, once officially uploaded to debian, the packages get updated and 
debian-release version is correct ... only thing that has to be done is 
shrinking the changelog ;)


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