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Re: May one use ~rc1 within versions although older lintians are complaining?

On 3/13/07, Roman Müllenschläder <info@prodeia.de> wrote:

I'm packaging for debian right now and wanted to now if I may use a version
number like: 1.0.8~rc1-1 ?

If you use that number, the upstream version should be 1.0.8~rc1.  Is
that the upstream number?  If you want to have release candidates of
your _own_ package, you should do: 1.0.8-1~rc1

My version of lintian is 1.23.22 and it gives error if I use this version
number and I'm fearing these error prevent the package from beeing
sponsored !?

What's the error given by lintian?

The versions for lintian (from packages.qa.debian.org) are:

Stable:     1.23.8
Testing:    1.23.28
Unstable:  1.23.28

So, why are you using a version that's not the one in testing, nor the
one in stable?


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