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Re: May one use ~rc1 within versions although older lintians are complaining?

On 3/13/07, sean finney <seanius@debian.org> wrote:
On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 20:23 +0100, Roman Müllenschläder wrote:
> > If you use that number, the upstream version should be 1.0.8~rc1.  Is
> > that the upstream number?  If you want to have release candidates of
> > your _own_ package, you should do: 1.0.8-1~rc1
> So the versions will be 1.0.8-1~rc1(2,3,4) ?


i would disagree and suggest your original versioning scheme with
1.0.8~rc1-1.  or, if upstream isn't using that particular naming scheme,
you might want to make it clearer with
1.0.8~somethingthatidentifiesyou1-1 or something similar.

my rationale is that if you do 1.0.8-1~rc1, you're in effect saying that
it *is* upstream version 1.0.8, (and a debian revision << -1).  but if
you do 1.0.8~foo-1, you're saying that it's << upstream version 1.0.8.

My suggestion was only for the case when the upstream version _IS_
1.0.8, and the maintainer is relasing "release candidates" of the
Debian package, not of the upstream version.

If the release candidates are of the 1.0.8 version itself, then the
original tarball should be called foo_1.0.8~rc1.orig.tar.gz, and
lintian shouldn't complain.


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