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Re: On maintainers not responding to bugs

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 12:49:56PM -0500, Matthias Julius wrote:
> Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> writes:
> >   Like every packaging team in debian, mailing the pkg-$team@l.a.d.o or
> > debian-$team@l.d.o depending on how old the team is. Usually that list
> > is in the Maintainer or Uploaders field of the control file.
> > #debian-$team is also a good place to look. Those things are _obvious_.
> Do you expect potential helpers to search various list archives or
> mail maintainers to ask whether they need help?  I would guess only

  no I expect them to contact the teams, and entry points are obvious.
Hiding behind the fact that entry points are not waved under their nose
and that because of that they can't help is, well, Ubuesque.

> >   The mails I alluded to earlier (to seek for help) have seen (at least
> > for the KDE guys, I'll let the Gnome guys tell you how it worked for
> > them) 0 answer. My experience is that RFH bugs works well when Norbert
> > put it on vim to ask for co-maitenance or such very interesting software
> > to package. But when the job is to deal with KDE bugs, there is really
> > less people eager to do the job.
> What does it hurt to file a RFH bug?  At least it is a centralized
> platform where potential helpers can find out about who need help.
> And it is a logical place for that.  And the list is posted weekly on
> -devel.

  because that's not one, but 1500, and that would not be very useful to
flood RFH that are often specific needs for technicals matters. Here
it's manpower missing, RFH seems inapropriate to me.

> >   Again, I do not appreciate the latent criticism of the big teams to
> > hide their understaff problem. It's blatantly bogus hence iritating,
> > almost insulting.
> Don't you wonder why it is perceived like that?

  Yes I do, especially given that in that thread those teams have
claimed many times they need help, and that people continue to pretend
like it never happened. So Yes I wonder if it's not that it's just
easier to pretend it's our fault, than to question onself "wtf didn't I
helped before already ?"

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