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Re: On management

Quoting Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>:

> I'm not convinced at all that *funding* a manager would do any good to
> the project.

If we already had a _good_ project manager in our ranks, don't you think
they/he/she would have stepped up already? THAT'S why I think paying for
one might help...

> Which is why I'm wondering if there are ways to attract a
> few people with such profiles in the project. We have attracted many
> developers, sysadmins, translators, and everything we need to run the
> project; there must be a way to do the same for other profiles.

Those are all technical (exept maybe translators, but they don't do
it for the project, they do it for them selfs - which is a GOOD
thing! It's easier to attract technical (hard?) skills than 'soft'...

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