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Re: What is available at early userspace?

On Fri, 02 Mar 2007, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> The issue I'm talking about (lots of error messages while udev init.d 
> script is running) happens in the current sequential boot procedure.

Udev runs at early userspace.

> It is caused by udev trying to resolve groups such as "fuse", that (a) are 
> definitly 'system' groups (so they likely should be either resolved 
> locally, or not resolved at all), and (b) may not be available 
> in /etc/groups if some [optional] packages are not installed.

Hmm... I should have read it completely (famous last words).  But part of my
point stands anyway, nothing nss should be trying to contact the network at
that stage.  The fact that it is is a bug in itself.  If udev is to look for
such stuff *later*, that means splitting the rules into early and late
rules, which also needs a proper early userspace definition.

OTOH, maybe one can just sidestep the issue entirely for now by:

	1. punting all udev rules that refer to optional user/groups to the
	packages that provide them.  It won't help if they end up being
	added to some network database, though.

	2. any users and groups that cannot be dealt with doing (1) need to
	be made static.  This might not be feasible, I didn't check.

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