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Re: What is available at early userspace?

> > And in the current situation, udev is *the* package that, by
> > installing it's default configuration files, injects references to
> > non-resolvable-locally users and groups into early stage of boot.
> Wrong.  Your expectations to what is allowed to be
> non-resolvable-locally are not in sync with what Debian currently
> supports.  Note: I am not telling you your expectations are
> unreasonable, but that they are more than what we can properly support
> right now.  And this is NOT just a bug in udev.

Athough I agree that there are issues with async userspace, I don't 
understand why you are talking about async userspace in this context.

The issue I'm talking about (lots of error messages while udev init.d 
script is running) happens in the current sequential boot procedure.
It is caused by udev trying to resolve groups such as "fuse", that (a) are 
definitly 'system' groups (so they likely should be either resolved 
locally, or not resolved at all), and (b) may not be available 
in /etc/groups if some [optional] packages are not installed.


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