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Re: On maintainers not responding to bugs

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Andreas Tille wrote:
> A maintainer who refuses to respond to a reasonable bug report of a
> user does not deserve any user.

It's not a case of maintainers refusing to respond, it's a case of
some maintainers of some packagages drowning in bugs and not being
able to respond to all of them. [I don't believe any maintainer of
packages, given enough hours in the day, would fail to respond to
reasonable bug reports.]

I'm open to suggestions of real solutions to this problem, (indeed, I
continue to suggest that interested people jump in and help out) but
technical hurdles for maintainers to overcome and waste their limited
time in trivialities are pointless, and not something I'm willing to

Don Armstrong

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is the way Queen Victoria treats her prisoners," he remarked, "she
doesn't deserve to have any."

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