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Re: Handling of (inactive) Debian Accounts

On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 12:12:54 -0700, Wesley J Landaker <wjl@icecavern.net> said: 

> On Sunday 11 February 2007 03:57, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> - miss the WaT mail. Even if you are on vacation for a long time, I
>> guess it wont be 3 weeks (vote) plus one or two months (WaT mail
>> timeout), and dont you read your backlog when you come back?

> What about if the WaT mail is rejected (e.g. as spam) for some
> reason?

        Actions have consequences. If you missed the vote, _and_ your
 Spam filter rejects  mail, you have to suffer the minor inconvenience
 of having your upload privileges suspended, noticing it, and asking
 for the situation to be reverted.

> Perhaps unlikely, but just in case it would be nice if the WaT
> status was available somewhere online (e.g. perhaps under
> db.debian.org).

        Well, if some one puts in the effort to code that ... and
 maintain the status. I am pretty sure that the disabled keyring would
 be made available, and writing up a simple update a web page orupdate
 ldap script is simple enough, given a keyring.

        Heck, this would be just the right RoR learning project.  We
 just need people with an itch to scratch, and willing to put in the

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