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Re: Handling of (inactive) Debian Accounts

On 10927 March 1977, Mark Purcell wrote:

> On Saturday 10 February 2007 01:34, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> Selection of the people included in those runs will be done in a way
>> that we avoid sending out such mails to active people. As a good start
>> we will take the upcoming DPL vote as an input source, everyone who doesn't
>> vote this year will be included in the first run.
>>  * Please note that you can vote without expressing an opinion! *
> Whilst you might be able to vote without expressing an opinion,
> we already have a documented MIA process.
> http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/ch-beyond-pkging.en.html#s-mia-qa

If you read my mail you will find out that We know this and its planned
to take that as source for future/additional runs.

> I don't think using the single criteria such as DPL voting is a good,
> approach.

Now, explain where the problem in my approach is? The worst case that
can happen to someone who does not vote is that he replies to one
mail. Its not as if not voting means immediate account deactivation...

bye Joerg
<mechanix> anyone from the MIA team around? tbm?
<Ganneff> sounds nice. how long do you have to be MIA to get into that team? :)
<mhp> you need to have a pgp key, I suppose. and no gpg one, and only a bo box
<Np237> yes, but it must be expired

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