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Re: buildd stuff

Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> writes:

> One first step would be to keep the current build daemons maintainers
> (ie the person who signs the upload), and give and access to some
> porters to the wanna-build database. This way they could reschedule
> failed builds, add dep-wait, or do binNMU. If I am right Steve Langasek
> already has access to the wanna-build database of all architectures, so
> that should not be a technical problem.

I think from a technical point every buildd admin has access to
wanna-build for all architectures. It is just policy not to mess
around in someone elses backyard.

Maybe the arch@buildd.d.o mails could be CCed to a group of existing
buildd admins to take care of general problems while specific problems
(like a broken chroot) are left to the specific admins.

Prospective buildd admins could then also start of by joining that
group and getting an education there before being thrown into the deep
end of maintaining a full buildd.


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