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Re: update on binary upload restrictions

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Joey Hess 
> | >  (b) source only uploads are in my experience very often badly tested
> | >      if they're even tested at all.  For a long time after Ubuntu
> | >      switched to source only uploads, it was really obvious that a
> | >      large number of them hadn't even been test built, never mind
> | >      installed or used.[3][4]
> | 
> | Hmm, are you implying that it eventually got better?
> It seems to have gotten better now, yes.  However, people are often
> quite happy to just throw source at the buildds until it builds, at
> least unless they're told not to.  This is less of a problem for
> Ubuntu than Debian because Ubuntu's slowest arch is quite fast, while
> doing the same to the Debian ARM port would make the buildd (and the
> buildd operator) very unhappy.
If we do go to source-only uploads, could this problem be avoided by
having arm and other slow arches wait until at least one other arch
successfully builds the package?

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