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Re: update on binary upload restrictions

James Troup wrote:
> alpha has recently had restrictions added because the main alpha
> buildd has been down due to relocation[2] for some time now and so, as
> a result, the number of byhand builds on random machines has shot up.
> Once Goedel is back (tomorrow - apparently) and if the byhand builds
> stop, these restrictions could be relaxed.

Sounds like you have a way to track the quantity and source of
binary-only uploads. Does it come down to perusal of the upload queue
and/or of wasted builds on the buildds, or is there something nicer,
like a list or graph?

(I'm looking for more data here, becuase I don't currently have enough
for an informed opinion about some of the factors underlying the
approach that you chose to deal with the problems you mentioned. If that
makes any sense..)

> [2] Unfortunately there was very little notice of goedel's move and it
>     was originally scheduled only to take a couple of days but was
>     unavoidably delayed by external factors.

I hope that one of the offers of hardware for an alpha buildd that
resulted in the meantime will be followed up on, so we get some

>  (b) source only uploads are in my experience very often badly tested
>      if they're even tested at all.  For a long time after Ubuntu
>      switched to source only uploads, it was really obvious that a
>      large number of them hadn't even been test built, never mind
>      installed or used.[3][4]

Hmm, are you implying that it eventually got better?

see shy jo, who's done the odd binary-only upload for arm before

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