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Re: Icons and instructions for the FreeDesktop menu.

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Unless I'm confused, this is what makefiles are for.  How much trouble
> is it to set it up, which must only be done once?

 Why convert it at build time?  Can't update-menus do it only when it's
 needed (i.e. the menu display only supports XPM)?  And even if it's
 done at build time, I see no reason each individual maintainer would
 reinvent the same .desktop -> .menu snippet, and why hundreds of
 packages would maintain a different snippet or a copy of the same

 But yeah, this is what Makefiles are for.

> This does not excuse you, as a Debian maintainer, from conforming to the
> Debian menu policy, which is designed for more than just GNOME.

 I never said it would excuse me, I sometimes add menu entries, I often
 update them, and I also fix them (check the evince upload I just did).
 I never said I won't conform with the policy, I said I considered it
 painful and stupid work for a useless (to me) result.

 I'm also taking patches.

>                                                            refuse to do
> anything more.

 Where did I refuse to do anything more?  I said this was low priority.

> >  No, but in some use cases they are mutually exclusive.  The Debian menu
> >  system is completely useless to me, and I expect to most GNOME and KDE
> >  users.  I'm not saying we should drop it since I can't claim it's
> >  useless for everybody.  I am saying that the fact it is useless to me
> >  and to most of the users of the GNOME packages I maintain doesn't call
> >  for a good maintenance of the menu entries of these packages; and I am
> >  proposing technical ways to solve this.
> Supposedly a gnome program will run under KDE.  Right?
> How will a KDE user find it, if not through the Debian menu system?

 This is a wholy different story, by default .desktop entries are
 included in both.  In fact, .desktop file support is more advanced than
 Debian menu on the matter since we even have mechanisms to remove GNOME
 programs from the KDE menu.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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