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Re: Etch Software RAID Upgrade Trouble & Suggested Installer Improvements

On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 09:11:57PM +0100, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
: > 4. Netinstall image should have some packages
: >
: >    I'm not sure on that ... but having grub, a
: >    kernel and a modules package would have been
: >    an immense help.
: They used to be on there. Are you sure you have a netinst and not
: mini.iso/netboot or businesscard image?

Yes, I had. I'll take that point back; you're right.

What I would have needed, however, is a way to get to the
stage where one can install onto the target, without
overwriting the fstab or modifying the target's

: >      - leave out lost+found
: Why?

Because the lost+found directory (NOT its contents)
is quite misleading when copied to a target system that
has no 'mount boundary' there. I.e., when the source
has /tmp/lost+found, but the target has /tmp directly
on root, the source's /lost+found shouldn't be copied.

Just like e.g. the journal 'file', but that one's not
needed for the user generally so you can hide it always.

: >      - leave out /proc, /sys, the automatic /dev
: use the same filesystem flag, or better see enxt comment

Not so nice for about six mounted partitions.

: >      - copy all "real" files
: >      - copy the /dev on harddisk under the mounted devfs
: >        (using mount -bind or so)
: Why do you have an devfs mounted? But if you do or have udev there
: then the dir is lost.

(Not fully, see mount -bind. I've tried it recently and it worked.)

: Mount the device again under a different mountpoint without any
: submounts. No devfs, no udev, no proc, no sys. Then you can just copy
: the whole thing.

Basically mount -bind.

: >    There is really need for a good program that does it;
: >    IMHO that program should be cp.
: rsync. That also works when you have to copy over the network. And
: include the ssh.udeb on the image.

Yes, it's doable; in fact, I used rsync.

But with the various virtual file systems (/proc, /sys, /dev),
in particular with underlying real ones (/dev), with special
files like list+found, with access control lists etc.
it has become very hard to do the equivalent of
  "copy all real files with attributes to new location"

I didn't say it was undoable, it's just become a PITA.

: wodim <iso-file>

Someone pointed that out already, and I'll look into it.

Thanks for your comments


Claus Fischer <claus.fischer@clausfischer.com>

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