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Re: Bug#322762: no blocking bugs anymore

On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:

> Hi,
> > Set any bugs about /usr/doc stuff to being blockers of this bug report.
> > Use this as a tracking/coordination bug for the remainder of the transition.
> > 
> > Note that once this transition is complete we will need to do something
> > in base-files to remove the /usr/doc directory, if it is empty. It won't
> > be empty in all cases, for example a user might have non-debian or old
> > packages that have not transitioned still installed. This bug can be
> > reassigned to base-files to deal with that last step once it is no
> > longer blocked by any other bugs.
> Well, today I have fixed the last two remaining bugs that blocked this
> bug (I'll have to followup to them to see whether the fixes will get to
> Etch, but that is not really on topic for this bug per se).
> Hence, I think now is the time to continue with the next steps as
> outlined in the first message in the bug, right?

No, the next step is to close the bug and celebrate it.

If the system has only official Debian packages installed, and you upgrade
all of them in a way that none of them put files under /usr/doc anymore,
then dpkg should automatically remove /usr/doc when upgrading the last
/usr/doc-using package, and there is really no need to do anything else.

base-files is not, and should not be, a fix-everything package. Once
we have fixed all our packages, we are already compliant, and that's
all what we should reasonably do.

The local admin is still free to put files in /usr/doc if he wishes,
but it's not our job to fiddle with those files, move them around,
or anything similar. Our job was fixing our packages, and that's now done.


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