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emacs20 bugs

woody has been removed from the archive so bugs that apply to packages no
longer in sarge/etch/sid now have no maintainer (and therefore show up in
my domain - unknown-packages) .  This include emacs20.  Can someone please
go through the list of emacs20 bugs and reassign those which still apply
to the emacs21 package and close the rest.  Thanks.

The current list is:

9741: normal: Emacs save and auto-save not reliable
21928: normal: jka-compr: should not gzip already gzip'ed data when saving
27399: wishlist: latin 1 not standard
28335: normal: Debian Emacs breaks GPL?
28708: wishlist: emacs: font is too big & request for feature
39776: normal: emacs19: Suddenly unable to type iso-8859-1 (latin1) characters
40474: normal: general: Emacs packages should use --no-site-file --no-init-file for compilation
42433: normal: emacs20: mh-comp.el incompatible with nmh-1.0.1
48864: normal: automatic site-specific subdirs in load-path not added
48923: normal: 20.4: `browse-url-new-dwindow-p' is not consulted
65075: normal: emacs insists on using `xv' to display an image in email
65479: normal: emacs20: Tab spacing in emacs 20 is erratic
65480: wishlist: emacs20: Mail-mode uses indent-relative
67828: normal: emacs20: mailcap-parse-mailcaps reverses priorities in /etc/mailcap
68803: wishlist: rmail: unnecessary saving upon checking for new mail
100855: wishlist: emacs20; Add auto-save for spooled PostScript
102290: wishlist: completion in emacs shell mode work like it does from xterm
102694: minor: menu under X doesn't refresh correctly
103004: normal: emacs20: Modeline is inverse video only on first frame
103053: normal: skip-chars-forward regex undocumentedly needs to have '-' chars occureing at end of regex escaped
107259: normal: enable non-Latin-1 characters by default
109145: normal: supercite does not honour sc-nested-citation-p for blank lines with  sc-cite-blank-lines-p set to `t'
111674: normal: 'browse-url-new-window-p' don't work
115440: normal: vc: Buffers important messages from cvs
117772: wishlist: emacs20: Info files not working
125960: normal: emacs20: garbage with font -misc-fixed-17
130749: normal: emacs20: allout.el outlineify-sticky assumes next-line-add-newlines
149196: normal: emacs20: vc.el adds new files at v2.1 if other v2.x file found
157227: normal: emacs20: X selection misbehavior
198567: grave: emacs20: using make-temp-name insecurely
201973: normal: emacs20: cyrillic-beylorussian input-method works incorrectly
298925: minor: emacs20: manpage naming system confuses man

Martin Michlmayr

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