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Re: RFC: Proposal for official screenshot repo

* Luis Matos <gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx> [070104 23:08]:
> I think the "screenshot only" package is a good option. The packages can
> be generated automatically from somewhere and uploaded to debian and
> target the same version as the package.
> The could be an web interface to help DD's to upload a gallery of images
> and select the ones to that version (for example changing package
> foo-0.3 to 0.3.1 will not change it's look, so, the DD goes to the web
> interface and ask to rebuild the package for the new version).
> i also think that user uploaded screenshots can be possible, but i
> desagree ... or ... their upload is accepted, but, the DD has to select
> the screenshot from the web interface's screenshot list.

Please also keep in mind that screenshots are images and thus copyright
While the act of taking them might be (in most cases) trivial enough to
not contain enough human creation to not add new rights to it in many
jurisditions, screenshosts will most of the time contain copyrighed
image material from the package itself, sometimes even from the toolkits
it uses.
Such a gallery should at least include some notice about the copyright
owners and licenses of the parts it is composed from, best with also
links to the source packages used. (And the one operating that gallery
ask a lawyer if more is needed)

  Bernhard R. Link

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