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RC bugs with (seemingly) simple fixes

On to, 2007-01-04 at 17:54 +0000, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> It's too long since I've done anything for Debian. I'm going to be
> picking an RC bug tonight and damn well get it fixed.

The bug turned out to be #392940 (a build problem in kdissert). I also
closed #403356 since the submitter found out that it was due to
filesystem trouble. 

If I wasn't so nervous about building shared libraries, #404723 would
have a patch that looks correct and simple to me, so someone who
understands shared libraries should have a go at it. 

Likewise, #379113 has a patch and should be simple enough for someone
with a 64-bit system to test and upload.

Similarly, #389317 seems to have a simple patch to fix the problem, but
it's outside my comfort zone.

Continuing the theme, #404304 has a patch that seems simple enough.
Assuming the information in the bug report is correct, it should be easy
to test and upload a fixed package.

Anyone else up to fixing at least one of those?

Every time I say /quit I die a little.

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