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Re: FSG Packaging Summit in Berlin

Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> I don't think he had a moral imperative to do it, but I can't see why
> he or any others involved shouldn't have done it

I was ill during and afterwards, and didn't have energy to mention it,
although my presentation, such as it was, is up on my wiki[3]. Anyway, I
was not invited due to being a Debian developer (neither, AFAIK, were
the other two current DD's who attended).

I also prefer not to waste energy posting about things that are
currently vaporware. If a real spec starts being developed, or code
starts being written, it will be much more appropriate for a technical
list like debian-devel (or more appropriatly, debian-dpkg). «Standards
group meets, decides to try to do something.» is fairly offtopic here,
as is «The author of yum is a cool guy and I talked about rpm a lot with
people from Red Hat.»

Anyway, Ian Murdock has blogged about the meeting extensively[1][2].
Planet Debian is an official Debian resource and received those blog

> There is a wide spread feeling (if you read LWN.net) that a lot that
> happens in Debian today isn't made public.

I'm boycotting feeding any useful information to LWN anymore until they
retract their latest blanket insult of all DD's and stop being so biased.

see shy jo

[1] http://ianmurdock.com/?p=388
[2] http://ianmurdock.com/?p=391
[3] http://kitenet.net/~joey/talks/alien-lsb.html

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