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Re: etch's upgrades during life cycle

Daniel Baumann wrote:
however, if you want to have latest and greatest but with stability and
security as you know it from debian stable, then you are asking for the

I think the problem that many people find with Debian is that they do want the stability and security of stable, but at the same time they don't want to be a dozen releases behind upstream. I've seen many occasions where there's been a new release with useful features that has been available in upstream for months and it's still not in Debian stable, even though it is available in the package repositories of other Linux distributions. It's not so much a case of wanting to be on the bleeding edge for most people, but more that we don't want to still be powering our machines with crank handles when everyone else has moved on to electricity.

Having said that, the Debian release cycle does seem to be speeding up a bit, which is definitely a good thing.


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