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etch's upgrades during life cycle


i m a debian user and like many other debian users there are things in
debian that i like and dislike.

I am going to get a round no for what i am asking, but i think it is a
good question.

Many users have complaints about in the middle of the life cycle, or
before the debian stable release no longer supports new hardware.
Therefor a new kernel would be needed for d-i ( or an hardware
compatibility update for the kernel and modules).

My proposal would be in point releases to change the kernel a bit to
support more hardware. That kernel would be tested, ofcourse.

What i am saying is: is it possible to in a lenny or lenny++ change the
way debian upgrades it's stable, just for the kernel?

Other programs can be upgraded by volatile's repository or backports but
the kernel is something that is crucial. We (users) just want to enter
the cd in the cdrom reader and ... get debian installed in 15 minutes.

i know the work that would be needed and probably the bugs that would
come up... another choice would be a new package of modules, with the
correspondent udeb for d-i.

Please, don't kill me because someone has to talk about this once in a

Best Regards,
Luis Matos

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