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Re: Name of a binary package according to sonames

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 12:52:40PM -0400, Jose Luis Rivas Contreras wrote:
> > If the soname is set to libtorrent.so.10, it means applications will
> > start to look for a file called "/usr/lib/libtorrent.so.10".  That will
> > probably be a symlink in your case to libtorrent-0.11.0, which looks
> > rather confusing to me.
> > 
> > In libtorrent9 you have a file called "/usr/lib/libtorrent.so.9".  But
> > there doesn't seem to be a file named libtorrent-0.9.0.so or something,
> > so I'm a little confused what changed.
> No, there's only libtorrent.so.10  libtorrent.so.10.0.0 in my build
> (libtorrent-0.11.0)

So, your source package is "libtorrent" version is 0.11.0, which has a
binary package libtorrent10-rakshasa with a library called
libtorrent.so.10, and also has that soname.  

That all looks good.

> I'm more confused since I renamed the package to libtorrent10-rakshasa
> and libtorrent-rakshasa10 and lintian keeps giving me the warning...

I think in this case you can probably ignore the warning.

Do you conflict with the -dev package of the other libtorrent package?
You'll both want to have a /usr/lib/libtorrent.so, so you should

You probably now don't have a conflict with other library package now,
but at some point this might happen.  And I think this should be

I think either one or both should really change the name of the library
itself, to avoid all confusion, and also make them not conflict.  For
instance, you could name it librakshasatorrent (or librtorrent).

The ideal solution would be that there really was only 1 libtorrent
package, and that both current of them worked on 1 library.


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