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Re: BTS: Why no "invalid" or "notabug" tag?

Russ Allbery wrote:
> The one thing that I really wanted to have happen and was surprised didn't
> happen was that I wanted a blocking annotation be automatically removed
> when the blocking bug was closed.  (Or even better, made dormant so that
> if the other bug would reopen, the annotation would reappear.)
> I thought I was going to be able to use blocks as a reminder to myself why
> I couldn't work on a bug yet, so when scanning down the BTS report, I
> would ignore bugs with still active blocks.  But since the status of the
> blocking bug doesn't propagate through and show up on the blocked bug, I
> still have to recheck it each time and all blocks really does in practice
> is add a link.

I agree, if I had some ability to work on blocking bugs again, removing
them on close is probably the next thing I'd try to do.

At the moment they're mostly useful as a reminder to someone else that
they're blocking your work, and as a way to track certian classes of

see shy jo

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