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Re: Dropping GStreamer 0.8 for etch

On Sun, Dec 10, 2006, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
>    I could not get rhythmbox to "simply" play CDs.

 What didn't work?  I made sure this morning that an audio CD still
 plays fine here, so you might want to report a bug if it doesn't (I
 "maintain" RB to some extent).

>                      I could not find a package for gnome-cd, though.

 It's in gnome-media.  It's really a very simple CD player which aims at
 doing only CD playing, nothing more nothing less; it wont suffer the
 comparison against goobox' features.

>    Comparing goobox and sound-juicer it appears to me as if they offer
>    roughly similar functionality, but goobox offers a some more
>    (parameters for ripping can be set using sliders, cd-covers are
>    fetched from the net, random play, looping, more buttons); I did not
>    compare the 
>    ripping part in detail, though. sound-juicer uses less screen estate.

 IMO, you should compare s-j + rb, and not one of the two with goobox.
 (CD covers are fetched by RB as well; it features random play, and
 looping.  It also has "more buttons". :))

>    And there are users for goobox, though according to popcon
>    sound-juicer is vastly more popular.

 Both are important point indeed, thanks for looking it up.

>    I have and am investigating some efforts into goobox (e.g. also
>    translation updates). So I would have expected such drastic
>    removal requests like other transitions: First a wishlist bug *early in
>    the release cycle* with the information available, e.g. links to
>    transition guides, offers for help or patches, if available. Then a
>    few month time for the maintainer to work on
>    transitioning/coordinating with upstream. Then now would have been
>    the time to upgrade this request to serious and cloing it to
>    ftp.debian.org.  Sending this initial request on
>    "short notice" (still no bug in the BTS!), two weeks before
>    Christmas and similar a few weeks before release is not very
>    friendly.

 Hmm, you're being very defensive here; I understand it's very late in
 the release cycle (and I've underlined this fact in the initial post),
 and I'm not sure it will be possible to drop GStreamer 0.8 for etch.
 The thread is about *trying* to drop GStreamer 0.8, and examining what
 uses it (that's why I had a "?" in the subject of this thread :).
   From the short look I took at goobox when I reviewed apps using
 GStreamer 0.8, it seemed to be dead upstream.  The fact that it's
 hosted at gnome.org made me wonder whether that will ever change since
 we have s-j and rb there already.  And there's also the plethora of
 other audio playing apps, just to list some based on GStreamer:
 quodlibet, listen, muine, banshee, totem...  I hope you understand that
 I'm looking at this from a GStreamer 0.8 maintainer point of view, not
 from a goobox user point of view.

 Anyway, no: I wont forcingly request removal of GStreamer 0.8 under the
 feet of goobox.

 However, I kindly invite you to consider whether it's worthwhile to
 continue your efforts with the current goobox release.  I hope you
 don't mind the unsolicited advice, but I personally see goobox as
 superseded functionality-wise (especially by other gnome.org software),
 and bit-rotting (no upstream release in 2006, still using GStreamer
 0.8); I suppose it's hard to throw away your polishing efforts, perhaps
 the alternative is for you to become upstream for goobox and update it
 to GStreamer 0.10.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
 "I have no strong feelings one way or the other." -- Neutral President

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