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Re: debian-private and Gmail

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 03:32, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> I saw that it's possible to redirect my @debian.org email to an
> address and also redirect debian-private to another email. @debian.org
> is set to @gmail.com. Good. But what do I do with debian-private?
> Is it possible to redirect debian-private to @people.debian.org and
> read it at this machine?
> Can someone give me help on this, please?

What I sometimes do when I go on holiday is just clear the "email 
forwarded to" field in LDAP and then the mail stays on master.

So when I get back, I can just:
$ ssh master.debian.org
master:~$ mutt

(Well, actually I currently don't have the forward field set at 
allanymore. Instead I do some basic procmail filtering on master to get 
rid of image spam and then let procmail forward the mail for me.)


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