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debian-private and Gmail


People discussed at this thread
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/05/msg02531.html that it's
not nice to redirect debian-private to a Gmail account.

Well, the problem is that my main email is from Gmail. I have other 2
emails too. One is temporary (from where I study) and I redirect it to
Gmail. The other one I don't use (I really don't like the service,
interface, etc of this email).
So, what I have is only an email from Gmail.

Also, there are 22 people on the New Maintainer queue that also use
Gmail (and one day will be DD and maybe will also have the same
problem that I am having now).

I saw that it's possible to redirect my @debian.org email to an
address and also redirect debian-private to another email. @debian.org
is set to @gmail.com. Good. But what do I do with debian-private?
Is it possible to redirect debian-private to @people.debian.org and
read it at this machine?
Can someone give me help on this, please?

Thank you very much!

CC me, please.

Best regards,

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