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Re: Bonsai: Candidate for removal from the archive?

Hello Gunnar,

On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 10:23:15PM -0600, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> (If you didn't catch it in the To: line: Check on #391772 for further
> background) 
> Of the modules you mention:
> > use Crypt;
> Provided by the Bonsai package (in /usr/lib/bonsai/Crypt.pm)
> > use File::Find;
> Provided by perl-modules, which is build-essential. However, this
> module is used at installation time (in postinst), so yes, this should
> be listed as a pre-depends (as it's not a required/essential package)
> > use Debconf::Client::ConfModule ':all';
> Provided by debconf, which is Priority: required
> > use DBI;
> Is depended upon by libdbd-mysql-perl, which is both in
> build-depends-indep and in depends.
I agree all depend are fulfill.

> > Furthermore, it can't be installed without mysql-server, which is in
> > recommends, and not depends
> Uhmm... Without looking too deep into Bonsai, I'd not put it as a
> depends - Bonsai uses DBI + DBD::Mysql to connect to MySQL - The
> server could be in any machine, not necessarily in the same
> server. Yes, I hold this even with the reference to #390325 you
> provide - The Debconf prompt quoted by Steve is right: The (guided?)
> configuration will fail, but the package will be configurable/usable. 

This is the same as bugzilla package, the mysql server may be in an
other host. This is a very common to split database server for web
server. I have to allow to follow this architecture otherwise you always
have to install mysql-server even if you don't use it.

> > I think all this postinst script is wrong and should be removed and
> > even the package itself should be removed at least from etch (I
> > don't know if there are many users, but the popcon says it has been
> > installed 6 times)
Yes postinst is very weak and they is still some manual action to make
bonsai usable.

> > 
> > The maintainer seems not to be very active (other bugs are 5 years old
> > and tagged "help"), so I think someone else would have to take the
> > decision to remove it or not.
No I'm not active at all. Maybe I should orphan my packages

> ...I do agree on this, though... I'll close this bug (as all the
> depended modules _are_ there) and send a copy of this message to
> debian-devel. Of course, I'm also Cc:ing the maintainer - While he
> seems to be away (this particular RC bug is almost two months old hand
> has seen no activity from him), I'm sure his opinion is very much
> worth it. If Rémi agrees with your opinion, or if he is unreachable
> and nobody else steps forward to take this package over, I do feel
> Bonsai is a candidate for removal. 
I think bonsai do not add much value to debian. The upstream isn't very
active, and the perl code is sometime ugly. But is a useful tools to
track change into a CVS repository.

> Greetings,
Best Regards,

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