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[Etch: Whishlist: WM and gtk2 app] Could control ~/.gtkrc-2.0 by WindowManagers?

Dear Debian Developers,

I have installed (new, not upgrading) etch into my real machines (i686
and k7) with d-i snapshot netboot image in a few days ago.

;; of course successful.

I noticed that some fonts in the menubar or setup window appeared so
ugly by default on some applications[*1] use gtk2, and I could not
control them by setting from Window Managers (I tested only Gnome and

[*1] firefox, uim-toolbar-gtk

On the KDE, I could control them to edit '~/.gtkrc-2.0'[*2], but the
Gnome did not affect to my '~/.gtkrc-2.0' (perhaps GTK_RC_FILES
environment variable?).

[*2] for example, my ~/.gtkrc-2.0 is like as follows;
gtk-font-name = "SazanamiMincho 11"
style "gtk-default-ja" {
        fontset = "SazanamiMincho 11"
class "*" style "gtk-default-ja"

So, I think, if possible, the font settings on X which should be
controlled by WindowManagers for unification.

Could WindowManagers take care of '~/.gtkrc-2.0'?

  Shinichiro HIDA  shinichiro@stained-g.net
  GPG fingerprint = 5F2D 1656 FFF6 F691 A51C  5E61 E416 D398 470C 1CE9

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