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BTS: Why no "invalid" or "notabug" tag?

http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer defines the following tags as reasons to 
dismiss a bug report:

* wontfix: the behaviour described can be reproduced or the feature request is 
understood; it is indeed an issue with our package but we can't or won't do 
anything about it because there are stronger reasons to leave things the way 
they are.

* unreproducible: the behaviour described could not be reproduced or the 
feature requested already exists.

But what about the middle case, i.e. "the behaviour described could be 
reproduced, but it's not a bug, or at least not our fault"? (Bugzilla calls 
this "INVALID").

Often, but not always, the bug can or should be reassigned to another package, 
but then a second user might come around and submit the same bug report.

Example: http://bugs.debian.org/400437 and http://bugs.debian.org/400693

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@lysator.liu.se
                       (No Cc of list mail needed, thanks)

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