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Re: Downgrading the priority of nfs-utils [was: Re: Upgrading the priority of ucf]

Le jeudi 02 novembre 2006 à 05:22 -0800, Josh Triplett a écrit :
> I would suggest b); reducing the "standard" set of packages seems like a
> feature, it won't break upgrades (if installed, the package will stay
> installed), and new installs don't need to get nfs-kernel-server as part
> of the *default* install.  

We're not talking about the NFS server, but of the NFS client. And a
working NFS client is surely something we want as part of the default

> If someone wants to run an nfs server, they
> can install an nfs server package, either nfs-kernel-server or
> nfs-user-server (no good reason to prefer one to the other).

nfs-user-server is deprecated. I think we shouldn't even ship it at all.
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