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Upgrading the priority of ucf


It has recently come to my attention that nfs-utils (which is priority
standard) cannot depend on ucf, since ucf is of priority optional.

I can only see four solutions for this:

 a) Ignore the problem for etch, figure out what do to afterwards.
 b) Downgrade nfs-utils' priority (but I don't think this is a very good
 c) Rip out the ucf dependency (possible, but far from ideal; using ucf
    instead of regular conffile handling allowed me to close a few bugs,
    at least one of them RC).
 d) Upgrade ucf to priority standard.

I'd personally go with d); would anybody have objections to this? (Cc-ing
Manoj as the ucf maintainer, even though I'd believe he reads -devel.)

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