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"Arch: all" package FTBFS due to test needing network access - RC?

If an architecture-independent binary package fails to build because the build 
target runs a test that needs network access, should that be considered 
release critical, if the package requires network access to function in any 
useful manner? Since the package is Architecture: all, no autobuilding is 
needed on Debian's part, and building from source with dpkg-buildpackage 
works in all normal situations.

The concrete example I'm referring to is a simple Perl package 
(libmail-dkim-perl, http://bugs.debian.org/395860). It seems to be quite 
common to include test scripts with those, but some tests don't go well with 
unattended building, for example if they are interactive or require internet 
access. Is the consensus still that running as many of the tests as possible 
is desirable in this situation? Normally, Debian, as a distribution, provides 
a coherent platform in the form of a set of packages that have been tested 
together, so that if the build dependencies are met, then the package builds, 
and if the normal dependencies are met, then it runs. Running tests on many 
computers with identical environments is then a bit redundant.

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@lysator.liu.se
                       (No Cc of list mail needed, thanks)

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