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Re: [help] Tix: seeking advice for #394635

Hi Matthew,

Matthew Vernon wrote:
> So you've put the macros file as /usr/share/man/tixman.macros. That's
> sensible. 

Thanks for confirming this.

> Now you want the manpages to use this file?
> The thing to do is to edit the man-pages to the line that says:
> .so man.macros
> becomes:
> .so tixman.macros
> Doing this with sed in the rules file should be pretty
> straightforward. 

I already did that by hand. I guess I am a bit dumb when it comes to
automating stuff.

The problem is that the macros file gets installed as:

My concern is that this file gets compressed, and I have tried to
manually uncompress it, and leave it compressed. There seems to be no
difference in how the manpages are displayed. Or I can't really spot it.

Any advice?

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