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Re: [help] Tix: seeking advice for #394635

Amaya <amaya@debian.org> writes:

> Hi there, fellow DDs, Debian enthusiasts and groff experts,
> I am looking at #394635. My eyes are starting to bleed. This bug is not
> even RC, but it is ugly, and I would hate to ship Etch with it.
> All the man pages for this package use macros, sitting in a file called
> man.macros. I have no idea where to install this file, or how to tell
> the man pages where to look for this file once I manage to install it
> somewhere that is not insane and ugly.
> My falied attempts to bring some sanity to this issue are found here:
> http://www.amayita.com/debian/1_sponsored/tix/old/tix-8.4.0/debian/rules

So you've put the macros file as /usr/share/man/tixman.macros. That's
sensible. Now you want the manpages to use this file?

The thing to do is to edit the man-pages to the line that says:
.so man.macros
.so tixman.macros

Doing this with sed in the rules file should be pretty



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