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Re: How can the OS autodetect that a user is a newbie and offer help?

[Sander Marechal]
> True, but I meant that an app can kill X, requiring it to be restarted.
> Newbies get very confused at that point.

Look, if you typed "startx" once, you can type it again.

If you didn't, it means you're using a display manager like xdm, and
xdm will restart X when it dies.

If X just _freezes_ rather than dies, you don't get a shell prompt
anyway.  What you get is the opportunity to hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, so
that X will die, and then you're back to the previous cases.

I see no case where it is useful to alias "startx" to "start-desktop".
Unless X dies and then xdm _also_ dies.  Does this ever happen?

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