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The Debian cyrus-sasl2 team is in need of your help!

Greetings fellow Debian users and developers,

The Debian Cyrus SASL Team is working at a breakneck pace to try and get
the new upstream version ready in time for Etch.  For that to happen, we
need the help of brave souls to test these packages.  Here are some
reasons why you might want to help us test these packages:

 * Updates upstream version to 2.1.22
 * Represents adoption of a package that has gone essentially
   unmaintained for over two years
 * Fixes many long standing bugs, some serious, some annoying (48 in all)
 * Ensures that Etch releases with an updated version of a relatively
   important library
 * If you are a user of LDAP or SMTP AUTH, this will relieve many
   headaches (though LDAP support is currently disabled as we will need
   to work the the OpenLDAP maintainers to make the transition happen)

Ok.  If you are still with me, I am hoping that you intend to help.
Here is what you need:

 * An i386 Debian machine running an up-to-date version of Sid
   (If someone would like to contribute builds for other arches, please
   make them available or let us know how we can get them from you and
   we well make them available)
 * A desire to make sure that Debian Etch is the best release it can be
 * A desire to help hunt for bugs in the cyrus-sasl2 package family
 * Nerves of steel, this is not for the faint of heart

Ok.  If I have not managed to scare you off yet, then I hope you would
like to get the packages and help us find bugs.  Here is what you do:

 * visit http://people.connexer.com/~roberto/debian/cyrus-sasl2
 * download and install all the packages (or just the ones you want)
 * hunt for bugs
 * think of things which you think need to change about the package(s)
 * come up with any other recommendations
 * mail any of the above items to the Debian Cyrus SASL Team at our
   list: pkg-cyrus-sasl2-debian-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org

If you choose to do this, we would be most appreciative.  There is not
much time left before Etch freezes.  Once that happens, our ability to
get these packages into Etch will be greatly diminished.

Thanks for your assistance,

Roberto (on behalf of the Debian Cyrus SASL Team)

Roberto C. Sanchez

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