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Re: Debian GNU/Minix?

On Tue, Oct 10, 2006 at 07:22:29PM +0200, HXC wrote:
> I am wondering if it is possible to use the Minix kernel in Debian. If 
> so wouldn't that be an interesting project to release a Debian minix 
> version? (just like Debian BSD and Debian Hurd :-) )
with FLOSS, there is nothing preventing you from starting such an
effort, look what happened to Linus. But the question is will Debian
accept it as an official project, will anyone from Debian choose to help
you or contribute? Not so far.
The usual approach in FLOSS projects is to:
start it yourself, Create enough of a project that you can allow people
to see the work you did and then wait for people to start getting enough
interest to join you.
But the first move is yours, if it is really something you are serious
in doing.
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