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anticipating the upstart migration

upstart is looking interesting and it might just as well replace
sysvinit for etch+1. Or at least be an alternative.

In order to enable this change, we're facing the "To continue type
in the phrase 'Yes, do as I say!'" problem because sysvinit is
marked essential.

Jeroen said this has been discussed previously, but didn't remember
the outcome. I am strapped for time, so I did not bother reading the
archives as I did not find the discussion during a cursory look, if
someone would shove them in my face, I'd appreciate it.

My suggestion is to add a package "init-daemon" or maybe "pid1" to
etch, which is essential and depends on sysvinit. Then, make
sysvinit non-essential.

If we have that in etch, migrating to upstart (or just enabling it)
would be as easy as making the dependency "sysvinit | upstart".

I realise this will be hard to do at this stage, but not impossible.
But thinking ahead, I think we'll save ourselves quite some trouble

< jvw> this really is a very very bad time for introducing a new
       essential package
< jvw> d-i, debootstrap, etc etc
 * madduck pretends to not have heard that last comment by jvw
< jvw> madduck: should I repeat it?
< madduck> jvw: nooooo

The alternative:

< jvw> anyway, the only viable solution I see that gets both
       no-new-base-packages *and* a non-essential sysvinit so
       upstart can be installable without apt croaking in etch+1 is
       having another currently essential package depend on sysvinit
       | some-init-daemon-virtual-package

I would consider this a hack, but it might be the best option, and
it should allow us to migrate to my above suggestion for etch+1

Comments? Unless there's fierce opposition, I strongly suggest we
carry through with this.

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